3 Cool Uses Of Coding & Programming IRL

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When you hear people talk about coding, they often are associated to all things online and digital. However, it isn’t the case. Sometimes you just want to code something physical and tangible – something you can see and feel in real life. Here are 3 real-world items that uses codes which may interest and give you an idea of how you can experiment and program things.

1. Christmas or Fairy Lights

You could try to customise your fairy lights for your christmas tree, or for any decorative purposes such as Hari Raya and even Christmas. Furthermore, they can be done so based on the frequency, speed or even beat to any music your play. If you seek greater challenges, you can even program your very own light-up shoes! Your custom light-up sneakers can have lights that ‘blink’ with each step or even lit up with your customised words. There’s no bigger flex than saying “I did this myself” when you’re complimented on your one-of-a-kind shoes.

2. Self-Watering Plants

Programming is very much all about identifying a problem, and trying to fix them with the least possible effort. Think about it as a lazy person’s solution. If you’ve got plants at home, this might be a project you might wanna embark on so you don’t have to water them yourself. Furthermore, you can add on features like a self-time to switch on lights for your plants when it gets dark. It can then simply go on a full auto-pilot mode. Just remember to refill the tank every now and then, depending on the size of it.

3. Mini Robo-Helper

The future is here. Imagine having a little robo-helper who’d vacuum your floor, wake you up, remind you to get work done. It’s like having a 24/7 secretary whom you can simply shut him down if he gets too annoying. Can’t cook? You can even consider getting (or programming) yourself a robo-chef.

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