3 Data-Driven Approaches To Boost Email Deliverability

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If you own any sort of business, email is likely your most-used communication channel. And, you can use big data to utilise it even more effectively. Whether it’s internal communication or reaching your customers, email provides lightning-fast communication opportunities. Besides being affordable, fast, and convenient, email is a lucrative channel for business. If used strategically, it can drive your brand awareness and sales like no other channel. However, to leverage email, you would want to make sure your emails land where you want them to – your consumers’ inboxes. This is because, if you have low email deliverability, most of your emails will end up in the spam folder. Not only will this harm your business’ reputation, your email ROI will also plunge if a majority of your emails land in spam. So here are 3 Data-Driven Approaches To Boost Email Deliverability.

1. Clean Up Your Mailing List with Data Analytics Tools

Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to maintaining an email list. You can have 10,000 subscribers on your list, but if 7,000 of them are inactive, your email reputation will decline (due to the high bounce back rate), and so will your email deliverability. Therefore, to avoid this, be sure to clean up your email list periodically to remove inactive emails. There are several ways to identify inactive contacts. One way is to make use of automated tools that makes use of data analytics to identify and remove inactive contacts.

2. Optimise Subject Lines and Email Design

Delivering emails can be a hurdle if your emails have a low open-rate. If people aren’t interacting with your emails, this shows that your emails aren’t useful to them. Eventually, the recipients’ email service provider will push your emails to the spam folder, resulting in even lower engagement rates. Thus, to avoid this, you want to optimize your email subject lines and design. One tip would be to use catchy subject lines that encourage your recipients to open the message. But it shouldn’t stop there.

You should ensure that your email recipient achieves a unique experience, making them want to engage with your emails. This can be done so by creating a unique email template specific to your brand, one that features a responsive design and is compatible with all devices. So if you’re still sending chunks of texts in your email with little to no visuals/graphics, time to re-evaluate your mailing strategy.

3. Use a Dedicated IP Address

When you send emails from a shared IP, the quality of emails on the entire IP address is monitored. This includes those with less than ideal email deliverability rates. However, in the case of a dedicated IP, only your emails will be monitored. So, if your email campaigns comprise of high volumes of messages, it is advisable to choose to use a dedicated IP.

To sum this up, low email deliverability can be detrimental to your business’ reputation. Fortunately, data analytics tools and data-driven insights can help boost your deliverability rates. By following the steps discussed above, you can use big data to improve the deliverability of your emails and generate greater conversions!