3 Reasons Why Building Your Own Python Projects Is the Best Way to Learn

Mavis LohUncategorized

Python projects creates a motivation for you to keep going

They say the only inertia is before you start learning anything. This is pretty much the same when learning Python. Our advise is to start on a Python project that interests or is relevant to you. This way, building the Python projects helps you learn more effectively since you’re interested! Additionally, this helps you stay motivated, which is important to prevent you from giving up when things get tough.

Learn to problem solve with key Python programming skill

Problem-solving is an essential skill when working with Python (or any other programming language). When you’re building a project, you’re going to have to come up with ways of approaching the problems and subsequently, solving them using whichever coding language you’ve learnt. Therefore, building Python projects forces you to practice what is perhaps the most important skill in programming – problem solving. The more practice you can give your brain in solving problems with code, the more efficient and faster your skills will develop.

Python projects help to a portfolio that can help you get a job

The third, and final reason for building Python projects is that you can get a head-start on getting your first job. When employers are looking to hire entry-level candidates, they want to see that you have the key skills they need. A great way of achieving this is having a portfolio of relevant projects that demonstrate these skills. Everyone can claim that they are trained in Python, but employers will want to see tangible proof of your Python skills. In other words, they want to look at the projects you’ve built.