3 Ways Data Science Is Revolutionising Our Social Visibility

Mavis LohUncategorized

Did you know that the industry of deep/machine learning within sales marketing, customer experience management and predictive risk assessment within social platforms will grow to more than $2.1 billion in value by 2023? Data science, coupled with artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the social visibility of your brands, paving the way for more incisive approaches towards marketing. While we are aware that the rise of AI has been well documented, but how exactly can it enhance your social media marketing strategies? Let’s take a deeper look into the role that AI is set to play in boosting our exposure on social platforms.

Unprecedented Performance Insights

Artificial intelligence tools can help marketers to track and trace the performance of every decision they make using social media platforms. User engagement and advertising campaign performance alike can be accurately analysed to provide deeper insights through data science. Already, the vast majority of social media platforms utilise a lot of AI and machine learning to make sure that ads are served to the right audience. Nowadays, it may seem like a standard option to offer, but just a few years ago, the data wasn’t as accurate as it’s now.

For instance, Facebook offers numerous options for advertisers to narrow down the audience and make sure that ads are served to relevant people. As well as marketers, social media platforms utilise AI to keep regular users engaged, from recommendations on what to buy on Amazon and Sephora, to Facebook’s memories.

Matching AI and Data Science With Social Media

When it comes to data science, Facebook is on top of all of its competitors. Every day, millions of photos are added to Facebook’s gigantic collection. While the social network isn’t as pictorially oriented as Instagram, Facebook is working to utilise its masses of data to create more personalised buying suggestions for users. The platform has created a neural network that’s capable of using cues to analyse the type of conversations taking place on the site.

Selected advertising using AI and data science is also another evidence of how data science is revolutionising our social visibility.  It is already developing at a pace among marketing departments around the world where tech giants like Amazon and Facebook readily utilises. AI can judge your interests and buying patterns and deliver adverts that comply with your online social presence.

Trending Data

Platforms like Instagram can bring plenty of opportunities for marketers thanks to how they pick up on trending posts and stories worldwide and add them to personalised explore pages. Much like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram effectively utilizes hash tags to promote messages. This presents a great opportunity for marketers to reach broader audiences efficiently. With emerging trends categorised via data science and AI systems to be delivered to users who are estimated to be most interested in a post first, it’s a great opportunity for marketers to broaden their appeal to like-minded audience members.

There’s little doubting that data science and artificial intelligence has a huge role to play in the marketing approaches of businesses in the future. Its adoption may be so widespread that rather than it being a case of using AI and data science to gain a cutting edge, businesses will need to show sufficient agility to embrace the technology to prevent similarly minded rivals from overtaking them. Fundamentally, both marketers and consumers alike are in for a new era of hyper-personalised advertising campaigns that can strategically deliver the right products and messages directly under the noses of the users that the data suggests will respond most positively – thus paving the way towards a future of campaigning without the added guesswork.