4 Advantages of Using Encryption Technology for Data Protection

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It Helps You Stay Safer When Working Remotely

Companies are now more frequently requiring workers to solely use encrypted devices. And that’s not surprising, considering how other technological advances make it easier for employees to stay productive from anywhere. Whether you work remotely all the time or just for the time being, data encryption helps you stop information from falling into the wrong hands.

It Could Help You Avoid Regulatory Fines

Depending on the industry you’re working in or the specific policies set by your employer, encryption technology for data protection may be mandatory. For example, in the health care sector, patient privacy laws require keeping information encrypted. Organisations receive hefty fines for non-compliance. On top of how these incidents can cut deeply into an organisation’s profits, bad publicity could give people second thoughts about doing business with companies that don’t responsibly store data.

Data Encryption Is a Privacy Safeguard

Consider the information you have stored on your smartphone or computer, and you can probably understand why encryption keeps your identity secure along with your data. For example, on a smartphone, encryption apps can make it exceptionally challenging for any unauthorised person to access your information. Additionally, data encryption can stop sensitive details from unknowingly going live on the internet. This is because once hackers compromise information such as email addresses, the rightful owners may not know what has happened until months pass.

Using Encryption Technology for Data Protection Could Increase Trust and Provide a Competitive Advantage

Even when not required to encrypt data due to privacy regulations, more companies choose to do so to show their clients they take privacy seriously. Making that assertion is particularly important due to the eroding trust many people have in the internet. This is a result of an increased awareness and concern about online privacy now more than ever. Although end-users need to take responsibility as well, businesses can solidify their reputations by emphasising a commitment to incorporating the latest encryption technologies into their operations.