4 Ways Data Science Changed the Education Sector

Mavis LohUncategorized

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our world in unbelievable ways. As previously stated, it has both benefits and drawbacks. You need to think about the different ways AI is changing our world. In particular, it is disrupting the education sector at its core. Here are some parts of education that may change with the use of data science and AI.

Personalised learning

No matter how good a teacher may be, creating a personalised worksheet for every student based on their learning needs can be overwhelming. Therefore, teachers group students based on their grades into the same class and provide teaching materials to the entire class. All with the hopes that everyone understand and learn at the same pace. However, with Data Science, teachers are able to leverage on AI to provide personalised learning that makes it easy for teachers to figure out how to help each student in their learning.

Identification of educational gaps

Have you ever encountered situations where your teacher begins teaching from a point that has no connection to where they last stopped at? As teachers may be teaching multiple classes of different levels at a time, they may be unaware of the gaps in their course materials. After all, they’re just humans. But the use of AI can point out these gaps to the teachers, benefitting students!

AI tutoring

This is very futuristic thought but there‚Äôs a huge chance that students may just start getting tutored by AI teachers. It may not be the same as human teachers, but these programs can be personalised based on each student’s learning speeds.

Automated grading

Marking and grading papers takes up a lot of time from teachers. Especially when this time can be put to better improve learning materials. Thus, having automated softwares that can read through written tests and grade them will be just great.