4 Ways How Learning Data Science Is Different At Hackwagon Academy

Mavis LohUncategorized

Relevant Programming Curriculum

Our programming courses (Data Science, Full Stack and Cybersecurity) are conducted in a seminar style where teaching content and practices are doled throughout the duration of each lesson iteratively. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to touch on graded projects that will place you at the forefront of the job market.

Student to Instructor Ratio

At Hackwagon, we have a healthy ratio of around 1 teaching member to 10 students so that you get the attention you desire!

Student Welfare

Did someone say FOOOOOOOD? Yes, wholesome foods are provided each lesson because we believe that you’ll be in the best state of mind to learn will a filled tummy!

Career Guidance

We work with closely with our partners to grow our repository of companies and jobs so as to link you to internships and jobs. Additionally, you can make use of this opportunity to network with our partners and instructors who are from within the industry to understand what type of jobs, skills and qualities employers are looking for.

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