5 Data Science Careers Shaping Our Future

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Today, the entire world runs on data or information by applying the infinite power of the internet and technology. As such, Data Science is one of the most promising fields of this era. It includes data collection, manipulation, storage, management, and analysis which supports organizations to make business decisions. Within the past few years, we see a rising demand for specialists in the Data Science field. Therefore, professionals should utilize this best time to pursue a meaningful career in the area which will surely play a significant role in shaping their future. Here are 5 popular career opportunities in the data science field available in Singapore.

1. Data Analyst

Average Salary: $4,300/month

Job Scope & Responsibilities: This is typically considered an “entry-level” position in the data science field. This job requires analysts to breakdown, transform and manipulate large data sets to influence strategic business decisions as processes are optimized, driving efficiency, and improving experiences for internal and external stakeholders. This role can also include tracking web analytics and analyzing A/B testing.

Notable Companies: Facebook, Micron Technologies, DBS, Shopee, Singapore Airlines and Bloomberg

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: $5,700/month

Job Scope & Responsibilities: Create data funnels and deliver software solutions.

Notable Companies: Nike, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uber, SAP and Shopee

3. Data Engineer

Average Salary: $6,500/month

Job Scope & Responsibilities: Manages a company’s data infrastructure. This job requires a lot less statistical analysis and a lot more software development and programming skill. At a company with a data team, the data engineer is responsible for building data pipelines to get the latest sales, marketing, and revenue data to data analysts and scientists quickly and in a readable and process-able format. They’re also responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure needed to store and quickly access past data.

Notable Companies: Visa, Lazada, Rolls-Royce, Garena Online and Facebook

4. Data Scientist

Average Salary: $6,700/month

Job Scope & Responsibilities: Data scientists do many of the same things as data analysts, but they also typically build machine learning models to make accurate predictions about the future based on past data. This would entail a lot of data analysis work. However, it would also require building and training a machine learning model that can make reliable future predictions based on past data.

Notable Companies: Boston Consulting Group, Shopee, Grab, DBS and GovTech

5. Business Intelligence Developer

Average Salary: SGD$7,300/month

Job Scope & Responsibilities: BI developers design and develop strategies to assist business users in quickly finding the information they need to make better business decisions. Extremely data-savvy, they use data science to develop custom BI analytic applications to facilitate the end-users’ understanding of their systems.

Notable Companies: Apple, DollarShave Club and American Integrity Insurance

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