5 Reasons to Change Your Password Regularly

Mavis LohUncategorized

Your computers carry a lot of sensitive and important data, so keeping these data safe is of utmost importance. Researches have shown that more than 80% of all cyber security attacks involved a weak or stolen password. One security tip for tech users is to constantly change your passwords, and by that we mean change from “asdf1” to “asdf2”. Let us break down the 4 reasons on how and why changing your password regularly reduces your risk of exposure and avoids a number of dangers.

1. Limits cybersecurity breaches to multiple accounts

Reusing the same passwords across several accounts put all of them all at risk once anyone of them is hacked. Therefore, change your password to something unique for each of your accounts. For example, do not use your Facebook password for your Google account.

2. Limit Guesswork

If you use the same password for long stretches of time, you are also increasing the risk of someone guessing your password. Whether it’s from someone watching you type in your password a number of times or someone repeatedly trying to guess it, the longer you have the same password, the longer people have to try to find out what it is. Don’t let people watch you log in to your accounts, and avoid using short, easy-to-guess words or phrases.

3. Prevent Constant Access

Not all hackers take what they need and leave. Occasionally hackers may continue accessing your account, either to monitor your data or continue stealing information over time. It can be difficult to figure out if someone else is using your account, so by changing your password consistently, you reduce the risk that other people will have frequent access to your accounts.

4. Prevents use of saved passwords

As your tech gadgets age, you’re likely to change them for the latest ones. If you change computers, there may be a possibility that someone may gain access to your saved passwords. Thus, consistently changing your password means that even if someone finds an old, saved password, it will no longer be useful.

5. Limits access gained by keystroke loggers

A keystroke logger is surveillance technology used to record keystrokes. It is often used to steal login credentials. There have been multiple fallen victims. Thus, as a preventive measure, it is important to regularly change your password as it makes it less likely that passwords obtained this way will be useful for any length of time.

Credential stealing is becoming a common practice, and is prevalent throughout the world. Help keep your credentials safe by changing your password on a regular basis!