4 ways coding can be taught better in schools

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This post was adapted from an earlier piece written on Early Coders, our youth learning arm.While Hackwagon primarily situates itself in the market of adults, good education still remains our cornerstone. As such, we would be inclined to share our opinions on all forms of education notwithstanding age.  As a tech revolution descends upon the world, it is imperative that we … Read More

Salary and Employability of ICT professionals: Graduate Employment Survey 2016/2017

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In our previous articles, we talked a bit about Singapore’s push for data scientists and web developers. Reflective of this, one needs to look no further than the news; in recent times, it seems almost habitual that the the government introduces new budgets and initiatives in a bid to boost our ICT capabilities. Many of these reports toss around numbers … Read More

CryptoSG Meetup (Part 2)

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(Continued from Part 1) While the audience helped themselves to the complimentary beverages and pizzas, Jun Yi, founder of pennywise.sg took the stage for the fourth talk, entitled “Various types of Wallet”. He began by unpacking different terms like wallet, addresses and keys. He broke down the common misconception that the cryptocurrency wallet is as its name implies, that a wallet … Read More

CryptoSG Meetup

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Last week, on the 7th of July, Hackwagon Academy and coinhako played hosts to the inaugural CryptoSG meetup. CryptoSG is a first-of-its-kind Singaporean community interested in all things cryptocurrency, and last Friday evening, members moved away from their virtual chats to meet in person on Hackwagon’s premises. The Hackwagon crew was on hand, taking down notes and capturing moments as the … Read More

The Role of Data in Cybersecurity

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If you have been following the news recently, you would have probably come across a couple of big stories covering attacks that struck global economies. Still fresh in the minds of many would probably be the Wannacry Ransomware attack in May.  Then, computers running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System were locked out by dint of data encryption and users … Read More

Web Development Bootcamp Launch

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This past weekend, Hackwagon Academy launched its maiden Web Development Bootcamp. Participants arrived at our spanking new premises at Alexandra on Saturday morning and were warmly greeted by our instructor, Janelle. For the morning, the students were taught basic HTML and Javascript codes. They were introduced to our collaborative learning platform, IDEA on which they carried out practices set out … Read More


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Hackwagon Academy is pleased to announce that we are now certified as a Private Education Institution under the Private Education Act in Singapore. The courses we run now will each come with an official certificate upon completion.

Front-end, Back-End, Full Stack?

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Following our Bootcamp launches this summer, Hackwagon will soon be starting our full-fledged Web Development Courses. These include the Web Development Basic courses, JS101 and JS102, and Web Development Full-Stack course JS401. These courses center on different aspects of web development, with JS101 and JS102 focusing on front-end and back-end developments respectively. JS401 covers these both and more in a … Read More

The Rise of Web Development and Design in the 21st century – Insider Perspectives from A Technological Greenhorn

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    This article was written by Vanessa Lim, an intern here at Hackwagon Academy.   The importance of web development and design In recent years, many of us have grown accustomed to new products being constantly churned out. One driving force behind all this is web development and design; a hot topic in recent years as to which is … Read More