Solve complex data problems through employing deep expertise in some scientific discipline.


Create server-side web applications that use relational databases to persistently store data.


Protect against unauthorized access by protecting systems and networks from digital attacks
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The programming courses conducted at Hackwagon Academy are held in a seminar style. Teaching content as well as practices are doled throughout the duration of each lesson iteratively. Also, graded assessments will be given to students at each learning milestone. Students are encouraged to participate in class where the quality of questions asked are graded as well.


Hackwagon Academy is committed in building up tech talents in Singapore. Terms and conditions will be outlined in the student contract.
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The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry in Singapore has been rapidly growing for the past years due to the rise of technology among users across all ages. In the digital future, coding, otherwise known as computational thinking is almost as critical as speaking another language. With technology rising continuously over the years, the labour market has seen coding as a critical skill that is necessary for the booming ICT industry. Many businesses now seek a coder or programmer for their business to manage and boost the website behind the scenes, in order to make sure that the organization thrives and surpasses the other competitors.

Taking up a course with Hackwagon will allow you to dive into the world of ICT and let you reap the benefits of programming that many employers are looking for. No matter your age or occupation, we welcome all students who are looking to learn about the world of programming. We are also open to accepting any student who is interested in applying for the course, regardless of whether the student has a background in programming.

Our coding courses will educate you about the fundamentals of programming, and all our tracks available come in the form of three categories starting from the beginner course, intermediate course to the advanced course to accommodate to the different learning experiences of students.

At Hackwagon, we offer computer programming courses in Singapore that allows applicants who are interested to enhance their knowledge and skills in the ICT industry. Moreover, being adept in computer programming will put you ahead of others when you are looking for a job. Interested parties can choose to sign among our three available tracks, either the Data Science track, Full-Stack Web Development track or Cyber Security Track. Each track that you take up will allow you to venture into different career opportunities.

More than half of our instructors are experienced programmers who have been in this line of work for a long time. With their years of expertise, students can acquire the knowledge and skills that they are seeking for when they are taking up these courses. 
To ensure that our students are offered a job in the working industry, we are constantly working hand in hand with our career services department to improve the career chances of students once they graduate.  While giving our students knowledge remains a very crucial goal for us, we collaborate with partners to come up with a range of financing options for students to make sure that they are able to afford the courses that we offer.