Still recall the high profile SingHealth cyber attack in July 2018? What about the MINDEF data breach in February 2017? Today, cyber criminals have become increasingly sophisticated and organised in their efforts of gaining unauthorised access to cyber resources. Some of them do so for financial gain, others for the recognition, some even simply for the thrill. Regardless of the cyber criminal’s intent, the Singapore government is placing greater emphasis on Cyber Security in organisations, be it SMEs, or even large enterprises. All these are administered through stricter PDPA guidelines, where infringements could bring about heavy penalties between four to six figures.

Implementing a tailored Cyber Security strategy is the best way for businesses to secure their cyber resources, and play within the increasingly stricter guidelines on personal data protection. As they say in Cyber Security, “your security is only as strong as your weakest link”. A strong cyber security foundation in the entire organisation, is bound to not only allow organisations to avoid penalties, but also to bring about greater confidence from prospective customers.

As stated by the IMDA, Singapore has been seeing an increasing need for skilled programmers in the tech industry and will be lacking about 30,000 technology experts by 2020.


    Demand for Cyber Security specialists have grown over 5.5 times since 2013


    Cyber Security Analysts can earn up to $100,000 every year in their mid-career


    Demand for security job positions will be growing rapidly in time to come

Our students do the real thing

Over here, we’re extraordinary at nurturing our students who are beginners in cyber security to pros. Graduates can look forward to entering the workforce while being equipped with the capability to implement a cyber security strategy once they complete the CS101 AND CS102 course.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you.

Awesome Student Welfare

Great wholesome food provided during each lesson so that students are in the best state of mind to learn.

Highly Interactive Course

Learn in a class where we integrate engaging class participation activities such as games to facilitate learning.

Industry Relevant Projects

Learn how to penetrate (hack) an e-commerce website that clones Lazada’s functionalities, within the course.



Over the course of 7 weeks, you will be building on your foundations of cyber security through penetration-testing (hacking), and popular Cyber Security frameworks.


Advance your knowledge in penetration testing with more sophisticated methods, inclusive of basic programming. This allows you to understand the adversarial mentality and how to defend.


Pick up the skills of building an enterprise-level cyber security strategy from start to finish by using different enterprise tools.

We have a total of 3 courses for students with all kinds of experience in cyber-security and programming. The CS101 course was started to guide beginners with zero knowledge in cyber-security. A must-have for students to understand how Cyber Security can be implemented at the minimum level for organisations. Completing CS101 will allow students to be prepared for the C1S02 course, where students learn the tools of the trade. CS102 is a course for those who intend to further specialise in Cyber Security. Finally, the CS103 is our master class where students graduate from the academy after learning how to setup and manage an enterprise-level cyber security strategy in a corporation setting and be acknowledged as a cyber security specialist by Hackwagon Academy.

Build your foundation

Understand what Cyber Security and Penetration-Testing (Hacking) are all about and gear yourself with industry-related skills and the latest capabilities that will come handy in the future.

CS101 Course Details

CS101 consist of 7 lessons with each session lasting 3 hours long at 991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972. Students that registers for the March intake will be entitled to a Hackwagon scholarship of $2000. The course is $2500 but after scholarship, will be $535 after GST. There are no government subsidies for this course.
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Find out what you will learn throughout the 7 weeks course.


    Learn very simple programming languages like JavaScript to perform simple attacks on websites (vandalism/stealing data)


    Learn and understand how SQL works, to prevent attacks with unauthorised commands. Learn about the different attack vectors of an OS and how to prevent


    Align to NIST’s Cyber Security framework and learn how to apply the framework in an organisation

  • Project 1: Assigned Topic (Due on Week 7)
    • Penetration testing of a web application


Thomas Odell

Lecturer @ Mages Institute
Honours B.A., Computer Science University of Toronto Canada


Raymond Li

Data PM @ Shopee
Columbia University (New York)
Management Science & Engineering




Students that registers for the Feb intake will be entitled to a Hackwagon scholarship of $2000. The course is $2500 but after scholarship, will be $535 after GST. There are no government subsidies for this course.



You can view our CS101 class schedule here


Check out what students have to say about our courses.

Danial Adam Leong

The instructors are highly knowledgeable to be able to bring across new concepts as well as to explain the practicality of the concepts in the workforce! The atmosphere was also very conducive with meals and drinks being offered. Their follow-up service is also impeccable as they continue to update previous classes regarding new happenings in the data science field. Overall, it was a blast and I'm glad to have signed up for it!

Wenyu See

The environment was really conducive for learning: spacious, with all the necessary amenities. Besides that, the instructor was very passionate, and was well-prepared for class with in-class worksheets to guide. During the lesson there were also teaching assistants who went around the room to provide guidance when help was needed. The TAs contactable via telegram chat should you require any assistance with your homework.

Foo Rong Chang

Excellent course where instructors are both knowledgeable and passionate. There are teaching assistants walking around to assist you in your learning and are more than willing to go out of their way to help you in other languages as well should you need the help. Helpful, friendly and approachable are the traits that they possess and have made the learning journey for us students so much easier and more fun as well!


We have a career services department where we work hand-in-hand with graduates to increase their chances of acquiring a job once they enter the workforce.

Linkedin Digital Cert

Each of our courses grants you a digital course that is LinkedIn-compatible. You can now display your qualifications globally.

Career Matching

Together with our partners, we are always on the go to try and link up our graduates to different internships and well-paid jobs.

Industry Networking

Associate with our experienced instructors who have been in this line of work for a long time.

Get your answers to questions you may have about the bootcamp.

What is Cyber Security?

A cyber security specialist typically manages the cyber security strategy within a company. He/she may opt to conduct penetration testing of the company's resources, or work on the policy level.

Why Take Up Cyber Security?

In a LinkedIn publication, the demand for Cyber Security jobs has grown over 5.5 times since 2013, and the need for Cyber Security jobs will continue to increase in time to come.

What is the Expected Salary of a Cyber Security specialist?

The salary for a cyber security specialist will typically be about $100,000 every year once they have reached the mid-career stage.

My organisation has run into cyber security issues, what can I do about it?

If you are encountering issues with crafting an appropriate cyber security strategy, you should take up cyber security as the skills obtained will let you implement proper strategies aligned to the government's initiatives. On the other hand, if you are to run into any difficult problems that are rather hard to resolve, you can always seek help from our accomplished instructors who can find the solution to your troubles while being a consultant at the same time.