Why Learn Data Science?

Have you ever shopped online and found advertisements strangely related to what you’ve been searching for on facebook and other websites continuously for a week? Or say, you’re texting with your friend and the keyboard suggests to you the exact words that you were going to use in your sentence? How does YouTube show all your favourite videos on your homescreen?

In business, Data Science is successfully adding value to all business models by using statistics and deep learning to make better decisions and improve hiring. It is also being used to crunch historical data and predict possible situations or risk so that we can work on avoiding them.

Now imagine your routine without the above mentioned facilities? Such a reality could be a huge inconvenience. As such, data science plans to be at the core of the digital world.

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    Dated Science was voted as the #1 Job of 2016 – Glassdoor

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    Data Scientists earn an estimated mid-career salary of $104,000 annually

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    Demand for Big Data jobs are expected to increase exponentially in the future

According to the Info‑communications Media Development Authority (IMDA); with advancement in technology, there has been a growing demand for talents in the tech and IT space.

At our current pace, our local talent supply is unable to handle the growing demand and Singapore is expected to be short of 30,000 information technology (ICT) professionals by 2020.

Take your first step into Data Science to advance your career at Hackwagon Academy with our cohorts being opened on a rolling basis.


Dated Science was voted
as the #1 Job of 2016
– Glassdoor

High Paying Careers

Data Scientists earn an estimated mid-career salary of $104,000 annually.


Demand for Big Data jobs are expected to increase up exponentially in the future


What Will you learn?

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    Learn how to perform analysis with the use of popular programming languages like Python

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    Use standard analysis models to generate useful information and provide actionable insights

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    Aggregate and visualise data using data libraries in Python to display information to audiences in a useful manner



I completed Data Science 101 at Hackwagon Academy in July. Course was great, team was very friendly and supportive. I think it was really useful to beginners in programming as instructor explained everything very detailed. There were some minor shortcomings, but overall environment and course quality were very good.
Waiting for advanced DS 🙂

– Nelya Shakirova


Course Details

Courses will be held once a week over 7 weeks. Each session would be 3 hours long held at 991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972. The course fees is $2000 before subsidy however Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for subsidies of up to 100%



Find out what you will learn throughout the 7 weeks course.

Introduction to Data Science

– What is data science?
– What kind of problems can be solved using data
– SMART Circle Line Rogue Train:

A real-world case
study solved using data science.
Python installation and PATH environment setup
Jupyter Notebook setup

– Acquiring data
– Common data formats
Different branches of analytics
– Visual analytics
– Business intelligence

Introduction to Python I (2 hours)

– Write my first Python program: Hello World
– Simple arithmetic with Python
– Python data types
– Int, Float, String, Boolean
– Primitive vs Reference data types
– Memory state diagrams
– Conditionals in Python
– Booleans, equality
– If-else statements in Python
– Collections in Python

Introduction to Python II

– Collections in Python
– List
– Dictionary
– Tuple
– Terminal/Command prompt inputs
– Writing simple programs with If-Else and collections

Introduction to Python III (2 hours)

– Loops in Python
– Using Python Functions
– Writing Python Functions
– Read and write files in Python

Introduction to simple visual analytics

– Retrieving data from CSV
– Data cleaning
– Visual analytics

Industry standards in software development

– Use Case Modelling
– User Acceptance Testing
– Testing & Bug Metrics

Final project report and presentation


Our courses are $2000 before subsidy. Students are eligible for course subsidies under the CITREP+ framework. Subsidies ranges from 70% to 100% depending on which tier you fall under. For more information, you can visit the IMDA website here for more information.



Find out the answers to the questions you may have about our bootcamps.

Data scientist performs research and analysis on data and helps companies to improve business by predicting growth, trends and insights based on huge amounts of data.
Data Science was voted as the #1 Job of 2016 by Glassdoor and demand for Big Data jobs are expected to increase up exponentially in the future
Data Scientists earn an estimated mid-career salary of $104,000 annually.
If your company has seemingly huge amounts of data, learning data science skills will allow you to manipulate that data into actionable insights. Should the problems be tough to solve, our experienced instructors can solve your data science problems together in the capacity of a consultant.