The Data Science 102 (DS102) course is where students can learn about data analytics toolsets in Python. In our master class, Data Science 103 (DS103), students will graduate with data know-how in an organisation setting and be certified as a data analyst by our academy.
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Seek out correlations with machine learning and create visual representation of the data to communicate information effectively.



DS102 consist of 7 lessons with each session lasting 3 hours long at 991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972. Course fees is $2000 before GST however Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for subsidies of up to 100%. GST amount is not claimable for subsidies.
*Course schedule can be found by clicking Apply Now or here.

This course is an advance Python course and trainees are required to have the prerequisites before commencing the course. These prerequisites are also covered in our DS101 series.



DS103 is our advanced course after DS101 and DS102. Hence all students are already expected to have a good working knowledge of Python programming. If you find that you do not have these competencies, consider taking the DS101 or DS102 course instead.
  • Basic python syntax and data structure

    Familiar with python syntax, and the data structure like list, dictionaries and tuples

  • Python Conditions and Iterations

    Familiar with if, elif and else conditional constructs, as well as writing iterations using python for and while loops

  • Functions and Libaries

    Know how to write python functions, read python library documentations and make use of python libraries



Find out what you will learn throughout the 7 weeks course.
  • Project 1: Exploratory Analysis (Due on Week 2)
    • Practice exploratory data analysis on movie dataset
    • Required to present approach on week 2
  • Project 2: Visualisation of Food Data (Due on Week 4)
    • Practice data visualisation concepts and libraries 1b
    • Required to present approach on week 4
  • Project 3: Scraping Job Data (Due on Week 5)
    • Practice web scraping libraries and concepts
    • Required to present approach on week 5
  • Project 4: Yelp Reviews (Due on Week 6)
    • Students are to use libraries learnt to perform text mining on Yelp reviews
    • Required to present approach on week 6
  • Project 5: Passenger Survival Project (Due on Week 7)
    • Consolidation project where students will be able to apply the concepts they learn from the lessons, specifically, Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, and Lesson 6
    • Required to present approach on week 7



Darren Tan

Software Engineer @ PSA
Singapore Management University
Information Systems


Darren Tan

Software Engineer @ PSA
Singapore Management University
Information Systems


You can view our DS102 class schedule here


Our courses are $2000 before subsidy. Students are eligible for course subsidies under the CITREP+ framework. Subsidies ranges from 70% to 100% depending on which tier you fall under.

CITREP+ supports local professionals in keeping pace with technology shifts through continuous and proactive training.For more information, you can visit the IMDA website here for more information.


Check out what students have to say about our courses.

Danial Adam Leong

The instructors are highly knowledgeable to be able to bring across new concepts as well as to explain the practicality of the concepts in the workforce! The atmosphere was also very conducive with meals and drinks being offered. Their follow-up service is also impeccable as they continue to update previous classes regarding new happenings in the data science field. Overall, it was a blast and I'm glad to have signed up for it!

Wenyu See

The environment was really conducive for learning: spacious, with all the necessary amenities. Besides that, the instructor was very passionate, and was well-prepared for class with in-class worksheets to guide. During the lesson there were also teaching assistants who went around the room to provide guidance when help was needed. The TAs contactable via telegram chat should you require any assistance with your homework.

Foo Rong Chang

Excellent course where instructors are both knowledgeable and passionate. There are teaching assistants walking around to assist you in your learning and are more than willing to go out of their way to help you in other languages as well should you need the help. Helpful, friendly and approachable are the traits that they possess and have made the learning journey for us students so much easier and more fun as well!



Darren Tan

Software Engineer @ PSA
Singapore Management University Information Systems


Raymond Li

Data PM @ Shopee
Columbia University (New York)
Management Science & Engineering


Sherman Koa

Software Engineer @ Visa
Singapore Management University Information Systems

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What is Data Science?

Data scientist performs research and analysis on data and helps companies to improve business by predicting growth, trends and insights based on huge amounts of data.

Why Learn Data Science?

Data Science was voted as the #1 Job of 2016 by Glassdoor and demand for Big Data jobs are expected to increase up exponentially in the future.

What is the Expected Pay of a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists earn an estimated mid-career salary of $104,000 annually.

My company has data science problems, what do I do?

If your company has seemingly huge amounts of data, learning data science skills will allow you to manipulate that data into actionable insights. Should the problems be tough to solve, our experienced instructors can solve your data science problems together in the capacity of a consultant.

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