A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it’s also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding since it’s super easy to get started. No matter whether you’re looking for a career or just want to learn to code, learning how to develop for the web is for you.

Web developers build the websites which look nice and work quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, Web development skills are in high demand and well paid too, making it a great career path! In the FS101 course, you would be learning how to build a basic web application using Javascript. The same language used by AirBNB, Facebook and Google.

As stated by the IMDA, Singapore has been seeing an increasing need for skilled programmers in the tech industry and will be lacking about 30,000 technology experts by 2020.


    Demand for developers is huge with most companies trying to fill vacant roles.


    Full Stack Web Developers earns an estimated median salary of $50,000 annually.


    Web development are expected to remain as one of the top in-demand jobs.



Full Stack 101 (FS101) course is built for beginners with no background in programming. Finishing FS101 prepares students for the Full Stack 102 (FS102) course, where they learn about building fully-featured web applications using battle-tested technologies like React.JS. FS102 can also be taken by software engineers who are already well versed in JavaScript. In our master class, Full Stack 103 (FS103), students will graduate with the ability to build mobile web applications, and be certified as a full stack web developer by our academy.


We are exceptional at bringing students from beginners to professionals. Expect to enter the workforce while being able to build powerful server-side applications and serve data to any type of client-side application.
Master your skills
Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 and equip yourself with industry relevant skills and 21st century capabilities that are future-proof.


FS101 consist of 7 lessons with each session lasting 3 hours long at 991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972. The course is $2500 but is discounted to $740 only for the Nov 19 cohort. There are no government subsidies for this course.
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Find out what you will learn throughout the 7 weeks course.
  • Programming Competencies

    Learn how to perform analysis with the use of popular programming languages like JavaScript.

  • Grab Real-Time Data

    Learn to grab data from online sources and manipulate them for insights in real-time.

  • Real-World Applications

    Learn to build beautiful real world applications through the use of CSS3 and Twitter’s Bootstrap.

  • Project 1: Personal Portfolio Page (Due on Week 4)
    • Familiarise with the use of HTML and CSS
    • Practice writing CSS to build beautiful web pages
    • Deploy the personal portfolio page to show off to potential employers
  • Project 2: Any Projects of Student's Choice (Due on Week 7)
    • Practice writing modular codes
    • Learn how to retrieve data via a REST API for manipulation and display
    • Appreciate how web applications on the front-end are built


Thomas Odell Lecturer @ Mages Institute University of Toronto Honours B.A. Computer Science
Raymond Li Data PM @ Shopee Columbia University Management Science & Engineering


You can be kept updated when we release new class slots through our telegram group here, https://t.me/hackwagon.

Our latest class schedule for Full Stack 101 (FS101):


The course is $2500 but is discounted to $740 for the Jan 2020 cohort. There are no government subsidies for this course.


Check out what students have to say about our courses.

Danial Adam Leong

The instructors are highly knowledgeable to be able to bring across new concepts as well as to explain the practicality of the concepts in the workforce! The atmosphere was also very conducive with meals and drinks being offered. Their follow-up service is also impeccable as they continue to update previous classes regarding new happenings in the data science field. Overall, it was a blast and I'm glad to have signed up for it!

Wenyu See

The environment was really conducive for learning: spacious, with all the necessary amenities. Besides that, the instructor was very passionate, and was well-prepared for class with in-class worksheets to guide. During the lesson there were also teaching assistants who went around the room to provide guidance when help was needed. The TAs contactable via telegram chat should you require any assistance with your homework.

Aiwei Cheong

Highly knowledgeable, truly dedicated instructor and TAs who are experts in their fields. Super nice, friendly and patient instructors and TAs. Reading materials, lab exercises, recorded lectures are very beneficial in learning process. Delicious food provided at every lesson. Supportive environment with curious mind learners alike Super satisfied with my 7 weeks there, will sign up for their other courses in future.

  • What is Full-Stack Web Development?

    A full-stack web developer builds web applications on both the front-end and back-end. Front-end applications are built to be functional and beautiful. Back-end applications functions as the workhorse to an entire web application. Learn both front-end and back-end to graduate as a full-stack web developer with great career opportunities.

  • Why Learn Web Development?

    Web development is a very in-demand skill today. Most companies need to implement some variant of automation through web tools, and there's still a shortage of web developers in the industry to fill this gap today.

  • What is the Expected Pay of a Full-Stack Web Developer?

    Web Developers earn an estimated mid-career salary of $71,000 annually.

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