How Data Science Is Revolutionising Our Social Visibility

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Artificial Intelligence now has the potential to revolutionise the online, social visibility of brands. In return, this helps to make marketing efforts more analytical and insightful. The rise of AI has been well aware and adopted by many organisations. However, how exactly can it enhance your social media marketing strategies? Let’s take a deeper look into the role that AI is set to play in boosting our exposure on social platforms:

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in User Experience

Artificial Intelligence has already been identified as the most important trend to influence the user experience field in the coming years. This is because AI opens the door for social media marketers to get unprecedented access and better understand their audiences’ preferences and behaviour. With that, marketers can zero in on the interest of their targeted users, yielding hyper-results from advertising campaigns. Finteza is one tool which helps identify from which social media networks does their users come from. Therefore enabling marketers and website owners determine which social networks to focus on which can help build appealing and engaging content efficiently.

Trending Data

As a marketer, it is essential to stay in the forefront of trends in order to appeal to your audience. Therefore, marketers make use of platforms such as Instagram as it provides tons of opportunities to pick up trending posts and stories worldwide and add them to personalised explore pages. Much like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram effectively utilises hashtags to help content go viral. This is where emerging trends are categorised using data science and artificial intelligence and delivered to users who are estimated to be most interested in a post first. This presents a great opportunity for marketers to broaden their appeal to like-minded audience members.

Unprecedented Performance Insights

Artificial intelligence tools can help marketers to track the performance of every decision they have made using social media platforms. Performance metrics such as user engagement rate and advertising campaign performance can be analysed to provide deeper insights through data science. Rewind 5 years back, these data wasn’t as accurately analysed. However, it might just seem like vast majority of social media platforms heavily utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sure that their ads are served to the right audience. Apart from marketers, social media platforms also utilise artificial intelligence to keep their users engaged – from recommendations to Facebook’s memories.