Importance of Data Science in Today’s Industries

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Data Science is considered one of the most lucrative jobs of the 21st century. You might question, what is Data Science? It is the combined study of mathematics, statistics & computer science used to draw out insights from both structured and unstructured data. The 21st century is also an era where data itself is considered the world’s most precious resource. Therefore, making Data Science equally as important. In this post, we will discuss apart from the regular corporate and financial use of Data Science, how is it equally as important in other industries.

Data Science in the healthcare sector

You might be wondering how Data Science can have anything to do with healthcare. However, advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT) for medical services and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are no longer just a glimpse of the future. Medical devices have been developed and introduced, with the aim to change the way patient data is aggregated, stored and utilised. Moreover, AI establishes itself as the key to hospital workflow optimisation, cost control, and disease prevention. For instance, medical images like MRIs and mammographies can be interpreted by computers nowadays. Thus, Data Science algorithms can even make early cancer diagnosis by spectrum analysis and pattern identification. Not to mention it can also detect artery stenosis, tumours, organ anomalies and more. Read on more about How Data Science Transformed The Healthcare Industry and What Data Science Is Like In The Post COVID-19 World.

Data Science in the legal industry

The legal industry, one of the world’s oldest professions, is possibly the industry that produces the most amount of data in a year. Therefore, the use of data science can help legal documents and scale legal research by analysing legal documents efficiently and effectively. Read on more about How Data Science Redefined The Legal Industry.

Data Science in the automation industry

Heard of Google’s driverless cars? Guess what, data science plays a big role in the Automation industry too! With the conversion of real-life driving experience into programmable information, Data Science algorithms basically allow autonomous vehicles to recognise things like traffic lights, humans and stop signs for a safe drive.

Data Science in the travel industry

At this point, you must be wondering, what else can Data Science not do? Yes, Data Science does do something to your favourite travel industry. Although we can’t be travelling at this point in time due to COVID-19, here’s what it can do:

  • Airline companies can easily predict flight delays and notify passengers beforehand to enhance passenger’s travel experiences.
  • Hotel prices & flight fares are provider-dependent and dynamic. Data Science is used to track those changes and to send hot-deal alerts timely to customers using smart tool monitoring.