Students will pick up front-end development in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and will be able to build front-end data driven applications


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX


  • Seminar Style
  • Practices
  • Iterative Methodology

The programming courses conducted at Hackwagon Academy are held in a seminar style. Teaching content as well as practices are doled throughout the duration of each lesson iteratively. Also, graded assessments will be given to students at each learning milestone. Students are encouraged to participate in class where the quality of questions asked are graded as well.

Entrant Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent or a diploma from an institution of higher education.


This course is $2000 before subsidies for eligible students.


This is a part-time course that runs for 21 hours over a 7 week period. Lessons would be 3 hours per week.


Our admissions process helps us determine the core traits we’ve seen help students succeed in and after the program:
1) Submit an application, we will review and generally respond within 2 business days.
2) Conduct phone interview.
3) Pay deposit to reserve a seat in the class.
4) Do pre-admission course work (where applicable).
5) Set a date to meet with teachers to get setup and review before class officially starts (where applicable).
6) Receive confirmation of admission and start date.


Students are given pre-admission course work for certain courses after they’ve been accepted and enroll in the program.

It is designed to ensure all students start off with an introductory level of knowledge in the subject. Completion of the pre-work is mandatory and ensures a baseline level of knowledge in each class. Mastery of each subject is not expected.

If a student is unable to complete the work prior to the first day of the course and seeks to cancel enrollment, he or she should refer to the Cancellation Policy in this document.

Standards of Progress

Students are graded as per according to the table above. To receive a passing grade, students must:
1. Receive a passing grade on 80% of all homework assignments. Homework is graded on the basis of completion. To receive a passing grade on a homework assignment, students must complete 100% of the minimum tasks specified in that assignment.
2. Maintain consistent attendance as outlined in the Attendance section. A passing grade in attendance will be given to students with no more than two or four absences, depending on the length of the program.


A Graduation Certificate is issued to each student who has successfully passed a course under Hackwagon Academy.