Tips To Landing Your Dream Data Science Job

Mavis LohUncategorized

Getting a job is hard. What more a highly sought after Data Science job? Here’s 3 simple tips to help you land your dream Data Science role!

1. Identify what role/company you want

The title Data Scientist is used to mean different responsibilities for different companies. Sometimes the title can mean different responsibilities even within the same company. Therefore, it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the job offerings. Additionally, find out more about the corporate culture and the projects that they work on.

2. Persistence

Once you have completed the process of figuring out the types of roles you should apply for, you need to apply to these roles. Unless you’ve got some highly sought after skills and experience, you’re going to be met with lots of rejection and setbacks. Some companies will not respond to your application, or may not even send you a rejection after completing on-site interviews. They may just leave you hanging. However, your goal as a candidate is not to berate the interview process of any company. Instead, stay focused on getting a job! So, it doesn’t matter how far into the interview process you make it. If a company does not believe you to be the right fit, again, thank them for their time and move on. Stay persistent!

3. Equip yourself with Statistics, Machine Learning, SQL or Python skills

You wanna set yourself apart from other candidates applying for this job opening. Therefore, make sure you are equipped with relevant Data Science skills like statistics, machine learning, SQL or Python. The more skills you have, the more valuable you’re going to seem to your potential employer! Hackwagon offers Data Science 101 (for beginners) where students learn Python for Data Science over 7 weeks. Have some experience in Python programming but wishes to upgrade, don’t worry, we have Data Science 102 and 103 covered for you as well.

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