Top 5 Recommended Courses For Learning Data Science


Data Analytics Courses

The number of students opting for data analytics courses in Singapore seem to increase significantly with each passing day. That is because there are a wide range of such courses on the anvil, with their availability being constantly on the rise.

Against such a backdrop, making a suitable selection from the variety of data analytics courses available becomes rather tough.

We have prepared this post for you listing the top 5 most recommended ones to help you in your choice of a desirable data science course Singapore—with much less difficulty.  

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is particularly in vogue today, given the wide range of areas in which it is being deployed, especially in enhancing predictive behaviour. Take for example the instance of online shoppers; retailers are regularly deploying AI to ensure they can predict and recommend the next item(s) which shoppers are likely to look for or want to purchase.

Given the extensive application of AI today, it is no surprise that data science courses which specialise in AI are highly recommended.

Data mining

Data mining is yet another stream within the broad spectrum of data analytics which is extensively deployed today. After all, with so much data being gathered, there is an urgent need for generating new information from pre-existing databases, which is exactly what data mining does.

Accordingly, a data science course in data mining is certainly rather high up on this list.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation really helps in pictorially depicting a large amount of information. Thus, when it comes to synthesising data as well as presenting it in a manner that can be easily grasped, data visualisation plays a pivotal part.

Data analytics courses for data visualisation have increased significantly in Singapore today. Perhaps, before today, there never was such an urgent need for data visualisation experts who could summarise large amounts of data and present it pictorially through charts and graphs in a way that even laymen could understand it.

That is the reason data visualisation courses are certainly come very highly recommended.

Business statistics

Another offshoot of data proliferation is the perpetual need for the appropriate business statistics to be gathered and analysed. If demand for products produced by a particular business came from a specific niche in this quarter, where will it come from in the next one? Will it be the same niche or a different one?

This kind of predictive analysis can in fact be done fairly easily and with reasonable accuracy so long as business statistics are effectively gathered and analysed.

Big data

The term “Big Data” is one we hear all too frequently these days. In essence, it is nothing but really large data sets which are then analysed extensively for a wide range of purposes.

Again, the fact that data gathering today is really extensive plays a major part here.

As a consummate professional keen on making it big in your career, a data science course in Singapore specialising in big data is highly recommended. This is especially true since businesses big and small are constantly looking at very large amounts of data to analyse and make sense of.


Among the many data analytics courses in Singapore on the anvil, above we have listed the top 5 which are the most sought after and most recommended. Do ensure you make your decision only after gaining an understanding of the different courses available. All the best!